Next Steps


Progressing proposals

15.1 This paper sets out a clear and ambitious vision for the future, with a pragmatic and orderly phased approach to delivery.

15.2 But it cannot set out all the detailed arrangements that will need to form part of the future arrangements in 2021 and beyond. We will need further evidence and advice, and we want to work with businesses and other employers to shape both the final rules and processes.

15.3 This White Paper provides a platform for discussion and to explain the detail of ourproposals. We want to:
 listen to the views, ideas and priorities of a range of stakeholders so they  can shape the final detail of the policy and implementation of the futuresystem; and
 discuss their future plans in the context of reducing net migration to sustainable levels and how employers in different sectors across the UK might adapt.

15.4 We therefore intend to launch an extensive 12-month programme of engagement  with sectors across the UK. This will include discussions with private, public and voluntary sector employers, as well as industry representatives.

15.5 To continue to inform the engagement programme and to maximise contributions to the development of the future immigration system, we will continue to work closely with stakeholders across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as the Devolved Administrations to ensure that the future system properly takes account of the needs of the whole of the United Kingdom.

15.6 We will also continue to discuss the arrangements with our wider partners – the Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories.

15.7 Building on the MAC’s reports, which build on existing data and provide a robust evidence base for our approach, the Government proposes to enhance the role of the MAC (as detailed in Chapter 3).

15.8 We will also launch a number of new advisory groups, and expand on existing groups, consisting of business and employer representatives and other stakeholders, to help inform the detailed design of the future system between now and 2021. These new advisory groups will focus on the key policy reforms and proposals detailed above.


15.9 This White Paper sets out proposals for the UK’s future and border and immigration  system. The Government believes that these proposals create the right balance to take control of net migration and promote prosperity.

15.10 The UK’s approach to controlling immigration in the national interest, whilst  promoting prosperity as the UK becomes more open to the rest of the world, cannot be developed in isolation. We will consider the widest possible range of views.

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